About me

The first time I remember making art was in preschool, and i haven't really stopped since then, whether it be sewing, crochet, painting, woodworking, renovating my house or strange creatures made out of food...

I always believed money was hard to get, required serious labor, and there was never enough to go around. So with art as my primary income, my feelings about creativity became less playful and imaginative, since I needed to buckle down and SELL. My spark fizzled out. I felt totally depleted, exhausted, and like I had failed. I changed career paths, which helped for a while, but was ultimately less of a fit for my creative spirit.

Instead of compromising my ideas to make them more consumable or spending my life at a desk, I've decided to buck the system and give myself the financial freedom to do whatever the heck I want by diversifying my income. So now I'm having adventures with my gorgeous canine copilots and learning to let my creative side shine again.